41. Discovering Estern Townships of Quebec. Sherbrooke and Magog.

41. Discovering Estern Townships of Quebec. Sherbrooke and Magog.

Finally the long winter is over, warm Canadian sun has almost melted all the snow, temperatures hitting mid 10s Celsius. Time to continue discovering Canada!

I have traveled to all directions from Montreal except east! And it has a lot to offer. This area is called Eastern Townships. I started by exploring the city of Sherbrooke.

It is an old an interesting city. First started as agricultural and industrial city, now it was transformed to academic and cultural town. It counts over 40,000 students having only 160,000 people in total!

Sherbrooke City Hall
Magog river with old hydro dams
That’s a nice arc! Why was it built there??



One of the most interesting things to see in Sherbrooke is 14 graffitis. They are really huge paintings that take whole walls of buildings and each of them is dedicated to something important in Sherbrooke’s history or cultural heritage.


It’s not a real wall. This is a graffiti!



After spending some time in Sherbrooke, we still had a lot of time and energy left, so we headed to nearby town of Magog. It is a popular getaway place for Montrealers on holiday. It is located on a shore of a beautiful Lake Memphremagog, that spans both in Quebec and Vermont in the USA. Also it is famous for the Memphre, a long-necked lake  monster that allegedly lives in it. Last it was spotted in 2005.  It seems like a Canadian version of the Loch Ness monster. Unfortunately I have not seen it.


Beautiful lake Memphremagog

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