42. Spring gigs

42. Spring gigs

While I am getting ready for my next big adventure, I was entertaining myself by discovering new places around Montreal and re-visiting the ones I love so much.

I have visited Sherbrooke and Magog, it has a separate story.

Then I have visited Île-des-moulins that has several flour mills that were constructed in 1700s. It is a nice area, but I expected to see more of how old mills functioned, some sort of museum, but instead I have seen restaurants. It reminded me of… Ukraine! There are always some sort of business at tourist attractions instead of museums. Nice place to visit, but don’t expect much.


Then I have discovered Îles-de-Boucherville National Park, it is located 15 min drive from  downtown Montreal and is a nice escape from the city. But early spring is definitely not the right time to visit it – the vegetation is sparse, it is not really green but yellow and dull. But from what I have seen, it is amazing place for cycling and kayaking.


And on course I could not have missed an opportunity to visit my favorite Mont-Tremblant National Park. It is again a bit early, most of the park is closed due to snow (on 30 of April!!!), but man, it is so beautiful and peaceful.


Stay tuned (for more rock’n’roll)!!!

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