45. The World’s highest tide and where to see it.

45. The World’s highest tide and where to see it.

Canada has a lot of natural wonders. One of the most amazing among them is the Bay of Fundy. Is it known for having the highest tides in the world.

A difference between low and high tide

The bay lies between Canadian provinces New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. A rural community of Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia, is a place where officially the highest tides in the world are recorded, the difference in water level reaches 16.3 m (53.5 feet). And what is interesting, the tidal cycle is 12.4 hours, which means that the interval between low and high tide is about  6 hours. Over this period. over 115 billion tonnes of water flows in and out (which equals to about 46 million Olympic-size swimming pools).

I have always dreamed about seeing this natural phenomenon myself since I first learned about it when I was in elementary school. And during my trip to Halifax I had the perfect chance! It was only a few hours away!

Walking on ocean floor at Canning at low tide

First, I drove to a town of Canning, where I was told is a good place to witness the tide. In my opinion it is quite mediocre. I have googled a little bit and I have found what seemed to be a perfect place. A village called Halls Harbor.

A short drive, and there it is! Exactly what I wished to see. Fishing boars lie on an ocean bed during low tide in a tiny harbor. I could only imagine what it looks like at high tide!

The village is really nice, small and remote. But despite this, it has a lot to offer, from restaurant with fresh lobsters to gift shop and a free WiFi on a street! As a bonus, they have a webcam that streams live on the Internet. Enjoy 😉

Halls Harbor is active fishing village
At high tide this ares is under water
At low tide boats lie on a bottom

As the interval between tides is about 6 hours, I started waiting. Here on the Internet is official 7-day tide prediction, height and time.

In the meantime I explored the area properly, and prepared to shoot a timelapse of this amazing phenomenon. The result you can see here:

This is definitely once in a lifetime experience!

These images were shot from same point with interval of 2 minutes. It is easy to see that the tide approaches quite fast

Another interesting phenomenon around the Bay of Fundy is co-called “tidal bore”, where a wave front of water “bores” its way up a river against its normal flow. Unfortunately I was not able to see it myself during this trip, and it is another reason to visit Atlantic Canada again!

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    1. Hi! I have been working with Indian shipbreakers a while ago, they were using tides to put giant ships on a beach to take it apart. It is very interesting, but very different story 🙂

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