53. Re-visiting US East Coast. New Jersey and Maryland shores.

53. Re-visiting US East Coast. New Jersey and Maryland shores.

I recently had another great opportunity to spend a couple of days in the United States and discover more interesting places in this amazing country.

The I-87 that takes you from Montreal to New York City has became quite familiar to me. But due late start and delays at Canada-US border I got to I-287 that goes around the Big Apple and takes you south at around 5 pm – the evening rush hour. And the traffic was really terrible! It feels that 50-mile radius around NYC is like a disaster zone when hundreds of thousands of people commute to  New York.

But anyway I managed to get to my friends in New Jersey just in time to enjoy warm summer evening. And is there a best way to do it then to cruise around in amazing car and enjoy scenery?

Cruising small roads in the evening is so amazing!
A pedestrian bridge over Delaware river. I was taking photo being in New Jersey, and the other side is Pensylvannia
Sunset over Delaware river.
I like little American towns

I really like those little American towns with busy main street and amazing historic buildings that take you directly into beginning of the previous century. I am sure that look and feel pretty much the same.

Cape May

Cape May is both a town and a peninsula at southern tip of New Jersey. The town of Cape May is the oldest seaside resort in America dating back to 18th century. I was really looking forward to visit it as it is one of very few places on the East Coast where you can see a sea sunset.  Cape May is surrounded by water on 3 sides and on the west of it lies the Delarare Bay where the Delaware river flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

Beautiful wide beach with very few people. I love this kind of places
Summer snowman? What is ti called, a Sandman?
I have seen such houses only in movies. Believe be, they are real.
Quiet evening in Cape May.

As it turned out, I was not the only one to have this idea. Beaches on the western shore of Cape May is crowded with people who wish to enjoy truly breathtaking moments. When the Sun goes down it paints the sky with amazing colors only the Mother Nature can invent. I could never believe that the Sun actually moves so fast! It was a matter of just several minutes between it first touched the horizon and got hidden completely. Really great! You can literally see it disappear behind the horizon. 6-hour round trip was totally worth it!

Cape May lighthouse
My friends enjoing sunset
The sun barely touches the horizon…
… and a few minutes later it is almost gone

Assateague Island National Seashore

The next day took us on a long drive through Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland to the Assateague Island National Seashore. It is a park that is famous for its white sand beaches and wild ponies! The park offers numerous campsites and activities to visitors. The main attraction is no doubt wild ponies that live in the park and are not afraid of people. The legend claims that these horses are descendants of horses that survived a shipwreck. But to me it feels like a nice story rather then fact – I have seen some trailers for horse transportation parked in the park…

Wild horse #1
Wild horse #2
Horses went to the beach to look for something intersting in visitor’s bags

It was really interesting to visit it, but, I think that this park is kinda overrated. Yes, ponies are amazing, but there are really very few of them. And despite being quite pricy ($20 per vehicle), it is really overcrowded with people. There is a long queue to get in, parkings are full, a lot of people on beaches.

So we made a decision to shorten our visit to the park and spend more time on another interesting place in the area.

Ocean City

Ocean City, Maryland is one of the most popular vacation destination in the Mid-Atlantic region, hosting over 300,000 vacationers with a population of only 7,000. So you can imagine, it is lives for tourists and lives from tourists. No wonder parking is crazy expensive and packed. But we were able to score a free parking spot just 2 blocks from the beach!

Ocean City boardwalk
Beach in Ocean City

Not only parking crowd lives from tourists, but feels like everything in the town is made to get some money out of tourist’s pocket. Countless little stores, ice-cream stands, entertainment places are everywhere. And even a long wooden pier is made pay-to-visit. I cannot say that I exactly enjoy it, but it is a chance to see America from every different angle, isn’t it?


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