89. Nitobe Memorial Garden

89. Nitobe Memorial Garden

Vancouver has unique mix of cultures from around the world. You can easily experience Europe, Asia, America, anything. Today I wanted to immerse into something new. I have never been to Japan, but Vancouver allows to experience a tiny bit of it, but what a bit it is!

Nitobe Memorial Garden is located at University of British Columbia (UBC), and is part of UBC Botanical Garden.


This classical Japanese Garden is considered to be one of the most authentic in Northen America. It honors Japanese author, diplomat and politician Nitobe Inazo, who is most known in North America for his book Bushido: The Soul of Japan, which was one of the first works on samurai ethics and Japanese culture.





The garden is believed to contain hidden references to Japanese mythology and philosophy, it contains a pond with its own ecosystem.






It is amazingly beautiful visually, very quiet and peaceful. It is a nice place to enjoy Sunday and have a look at Japanese culture. Although it is a bit pricy ($7)

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