92. What 420 km/h Looks Like!

92. What 420 km/h Looks Like!

Have you ever seen a car doing 420 km/h (263 mph)? I just had this chance. I could never imagine that something could move that fast! And that loud!

Vancouver auto enthusiasts know about a very special place – Mission Raceway Park, a race track located in Mission, BC, just 75 km out of Vancouver. I finally had a chance last weekend to visit it, and I was lucky as it was the weekend of Lordco Auto Parts BC Nationals – a big drag racing event, featuring dozens of cars in several categories, from cars built from production ones, to top level dragsters.

Drag race at Mission Raceway Park

I was amazed by really friendly atmosphere of the event. $20 pass gives you access everywhere – to stands, to nearby areas, and most importantly, to pits! And it is not just access to walk close to where cars are parked – it is epicenter of all action. Mechanics servicing cars, team motor homes, souvenir and food shop, custom car display, etc. And everyone is so open and friendly – I easily talked to racers and their crews, and they were happy to answer all my questions, show me their cars and explain every details I was asking about.

Preparation before the race
Amazing looking Camaro
Race cars need good grip, and to get it they need to warm up their tires. The best way is a huge burnout!

The race itself was really fascinating. The most memorable part was race of Top Alcohol Dragsters and Funny Cars – these beasts can cover 1/4 mile in about 5.5 seconds, hitting over 420 km/h!!! I could not believe it was possible until I have seen it myself. And most of all, I could not imagine that regular people, not astronauts, can handle such huge G-forces! What a show!

Here is a typical Funny Car: custom chassis with big huge V8 covered with fiberglass body.

Funny Car drag car

Top Alcohol dragsters look different:

Top Alcohol dragster

The heart of this dragster is a V8 with a supercharger, burning methanol alcohol, producing around 4,000 hp! The transmission is 3-speed manual. Engine is serviced after each run!

Dragster engine
Dragster cockpit. The two knobs are used to shift gears.

The video below shows you Funny Cars run. 0-420 km/h in 5.5 s. Unbelievable!

Funny Cars drag race
5.20 is the time it took to cover 1/4 mile (402 m) from 0, 276 mph or 444 km/h is the to speed at finish line.

Let’s take a look into pits!

This Oldsmobile dragster was kicking some! Very fast and nice looking, it went all the way into finals
Custom motor home build on Freightliner Agrosy chassis.





There were also some really amazing looking cars:


It take huge effort to have engine compartment like that
Maybe the icon of all American cars – Ford Mustang




The race went on, and there were some interesting events on the drag strip:


Fast motorcycles. Very fast motorcycles.


Up to this day I thought that cars do wheelie only in Fast and Furious movie. I was wrong.
Muscle Cars doing wheelies. I am in love.


Needless to say how amazing this event was. Hell, I have enjoyed it more than Formula 1! Can’t wait for the next event!


More video!

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