56. (Don’t go to) Mont Tremblant National Park in summer.

56. (Don’t go to) Mont Tremblant National Park in summer.

It has been really busy couple of weeks. I really wanted to get away from city, switch my mind to something different and enjoy a calm day away from everyday worries. And I know a proven way to do it – go to my favourite Mont Tremblant national park!

When I got there, I was a bit surprised that there were very few people. But after 5 minutes on a trail I understood why. Mosquitos! There were literally millions of them! It felt that those little nasty blood suckers saw me and told all their friends to come and bite me!

I was able to tolerate it for only a couple of minutes. Then I put on a hoodie trying to hide from mosquitos. But it was a very warm day, can you imagine going up a mountain on a trail in +28 heat in a t-shirt and a hoodie, trying to get to the top as fast as possible? It was not really much fun, but isn’t it fun just to get over obstacles and hard times?

Idillic Canadian backyard


Canada is crazy beautiful
Little snake was running away scared. By the way, where can I learn more about spieces of snakes that live in Canada? It is good to know which ones are dangerous.
Cute squirrel


I love those views from the top of a mountain! I can feel nature charging me with its energy and power.

So the result of my trip to a national park  is many swear words I said to mosquitos, a lot of pleasure of enjoying Canadian outdoors, 12 mosquito bites on my left elbow, 8 on the right, 3 on my face, and so on.

But I’ll be back! In September!

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